Agrimed – your local Qualified Animal Health distributor



Welcome to Agrimed’s website. Our customers are farmers who like to do business in person with someone who has a reputation that they can trust – so our website isn’t a simple online shop. That would never meet our standards for service: we like to know our customers personally and they like to know that the advice and service we give them is based on knowing their needs before they know them for themselves. What’s more, new regulations governing the distribution of animal health products will need experts who know their customers personally to be responsible for their annual animal health plan, so the days of finding a do-it yourself solution from an unlicensed vendor are numbered.


We have always believed that personal knowledge and qualified expertise are the right way to keep our customers – and their animals - properly looked after. 


You’ll find details of our products and our special offer prices here, and contact numbers if you want to give us a call. We will be adhering to the guidelines for promotion under the new regulations, so we won’t promote products unfairly. As always, we’d be delighted to have a chat and work out how we can find the best deal for you and your animals. We’re qualified, experienced and personally interested in your problems. And you won’t find that on a shopping cart website.